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We are committed to provide service and products that honor our "5C's". We are particularly proud of our ability to deliver meaningful and relevant consulting.  There is no lack of Consultants and Consulting available but we are about get things done for our clients on a consistent basis.









Not only do our Solutions and Subscriptions strengthen the Broker Dealer house of glass, but every time the dots are connected to help our Clients become more efficient and confident, we consider that an extra pane of transparent glass... making the whole organization stronger and stronger.

The business of the Broker Dealer is complex and ever changing. We are contacted by people with problems to solve in their management of very complicated processes and flows. We are asked at times if there is a standard way that Broker Dealers do business - and while that would be great from the software development side, we haven't found such a thing.

We have built C5 Fintech Solutions to address exactly that need. We understand the Broker Dealer business and we know how to utilize the powerful and flexible tools at our disposal.

Generally Speaking, we break down Consulting into two major Areas.

Broker Dealer Consulting. Changes in the markets, the progression of technology, and relentless regulatory pressure can leave a Broker Dealer needing help to coordinate processes and integrate the right technologies to get the job done. For instance,  going Paperless is equated with efficiency. That can mean the Broker Dealer needs to implement a number of systems, but not without understanding. We don't want you to just 'find a solution' we want to help you find 'the right solution'.  Learn More.

Forms Consulting. Forms, or Data Collectors, as we think of them are foundational to collecting data consistently and getting it into a manageable work flow. This piece is crucial for the Broker Dealer to be able to move into a profitable mode. Business constraints come into play and don't forget Regulatory constraints. We'll help you get Forms tuned up to provide the data you need and help you get it in the right place quickly and efficiently.  Learn More.

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