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Here you find yourself in the engine room of C5 Fintech Solutions. Here is the place we have concentrated more on functionality for our Clients than on how the engine necessarily looks when it comes to aesthetics.  This is the machine that makes the layers of glass to strengthen the glass building and it puts the frameworks into place. 

WinOPS Commission & Compliance Software is the center piece of the C5 Fintech Solutions suite of products. WinOPS is the ultimate Commissions and Compliance Data tool for Broker Dealer back offices. WinOPS provides fast and accurate compliance tools to manage customers, products, reports, orders and commissions. WinOPS Broker Dealer Software brings together four primary categories of data:

  • Representative

  • Product

  • Customer

  • Order

WinOPS uses the extra data generated in Commission processing to also help create useful Compliance data. The WinOPS back office system lets you pay your reps electronically and deliver their commission statements using multiple devices. We have the right stuff in place to free your staff from the tedious processes such as mailing commissions checks or statements. C5 Fintech Solutions has provided for Broker Dealers to have powerful tools that the competition can only envy.

This is a convenient overview of how the WinOPS system and it's add on features fit together to benefit our clients:



Compliance Console






Straight Through Processing

Take the Next Step or ​Learn more about how the parts of the WinOPS System fit together when you consider WinOPS Essentials.

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