End of Year Procedures

Revised December 2, 2020

To make a clean transition from one year to the next, it's important to follow our End of Year Procedures described below. If you have any questions, reach out to our Support Team.

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  • Prior to the last commission run for the year decide if you want to set your minimum check and eft amounts to zero to clear all positive commissions. If so, change those settings in the Utilities, Setup, System Defaults, Checks before starting your last commission run of the year. If you do change the settings make sure you change them back to the normal values after the last commission run of the year is completed.

  • After your last commission run of the year but before the first commission run of the new year make a good backup of your database. Select Utilities, End Of Year, E.O.Y. Procedures to pull up the following screen.

  • Make sure all check boxes are selected and the Epoch Date is 99 years before the new year, 1922 in this example (the new year being 2021). Click on the Run E.O.Y Procedures button. When the process is finished you'll see a message that the EOY process is complete.

If you encounter any issues, our Support Team is ready to assist.