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Broker Dealer Commissions makes up the first C within the five C’s of C5 Solutions. For us, Commissions is run by our robust subscription platform called WinOPS. When thinking of the BD as a glass structure, this part is represented load bearing walls and framework, all produced by WinOPS.

WinOPS is the back office powerhouse that accommodates unlimited combinations of commission processing via representatives, mangers and custodians. WinOPS uses a combination of commission structures to give the users multiple options including: payouts, split reps, tiers and overrides that can be set specifically to product type or GDC breakpoints. C5’s WinOPS has a extensive rules engine that helps prevent compliance violations by putting such transactions on hold to allow for review.

C5 Fintech Solutions takes commission processing to the next level from electronic commission statements to automated licensing costs, ticket charges and other expenses. Commission processing can be done manually or with proper setup, by automation, no matter the size or scale of your broker dealer.

Give your broker dealer back office the capability and technology to have detailed statements every payment cycle. Our robust data aggregation options allow for quality books and record for audit trails from integrating data from third party sources like DST, Pershing and DTCC.

You can have complete position files for useful data to help improve 17-a3 letters. To gain full control of your back office with respect to commission processing and reporting learn more about WinOPS.

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