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D.A.R.T for Broker Dealers

Just Can't Wait? Then Take the Next Steps.

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In Beta Testing

Broker Dealers need clean reliable commissions and assets data that is timely.  While systems like our WinOPS generates this type of information but there are processing delays.

Would it be helpful to you to know commissions coming from securities as soon as the account is opened at the fund company? Perhaps seeing Assets Under Management firm wide and by Adviser as soon as the fund company opens the account would be helpful to you.

Perhaps having D.A.R.T.'s Business Intelligence built in reports can quickly inform leadership and allow for fast executive decision making would be helpful in this fast moving industry.

D.A.R.T. does this and much more. Take the Next Steps and let's start a conversation to see how D.A.R.T. might benefit your Broker Dealer.

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Want to Learn More? Then Take the Next Steps.

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