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Hosting - add on


One of our most powerful tools is the Hosting of the WinOPS system. With the rise of cyber security breaches is your Broker Dealer back office system keeping client, rep and other sensitive data safe? Our Hosting Solution provides a SaaS Model that is secure and redundant. Incidentally, it makes System Maintenance much easier as well.

WinOPS by nature offers flexibility to the Broker Dealer. Companies who have IT Departments with the capacity may choose to have WinOPS installed locally on their own servers. Our Support Team are pros at making this happen. This approach gives control to the local IT Department and is a bit more economical. However it comes with the responsibility of the necessary maintenance and upgrades that keeps the system healthy and running at full capacity.

This why more and more Broker Dealers are turning to our Hosting Service. In addition to the security and redundancy it provides... those who use our Hosting Service are relieved of the maintenance duties of the system. If you happen to need a hand with data management, we can immediately access it and make it happen right away. Ready to upgrade to a newer version of the software? Not to worry, Hosted clients give us a call and we can do it very quickly.

Think Hosting might be for your organization, then take the Next Steps to learn more.



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