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C5 Fintech Solutions

What We Are About

C5 Fintech Solutions specializes in partnering with Broker Dealers and Advisors for their success. We seek to provide the critical elements of Commissions Management, Compliance Management, Imaging and E-signatures, administrative Customer Data Aggregation, consistent systems to allow for Continuity Planning, and we offer Solutions Consulting as well.

How We Look At Our Solutions - We Strengthen the BD's Glass in Layers

In general a Broker Dealer can be viewed as a house of glass. It must always be transparent with the ability for constant input and output with strength to endure testing winds of change and scrutiny. 




Our solutions provide layer upon layer of

glass to strengthen the Broker Dealer and 

allow it to function efficiently.

How We Do It

We haven't met a Broker Dealer or an Advisor who does exactly the same thing the same way as another. This is even more so in the Independent Broker Space. We do what we do by helping our clients develop a “technology implementation timeline” that fits their budget, staff, field force, business mix and workload distribution through our mobile solutions. We have built powerful Platform Subscriptions to assist Broker Dealers and Advisers. WinOPS was our first subscription offering and it continues to support a host of our clients. However, recently, we have developed a Power System called D.A.R.T.  While it can enhance current installations of WinOPS we anticipate a great demand for it as a stand alone for Broker Dealers and Advisers.  There's a lot more to it, but that sums up how we get things done.

No Obstructive Programming Allowed

It might make some circles happy to have it this way, but we absolutely do not intentionally "box our clients in" by forcing them into going all in with only our Solutions and Subscriptions -- or have none of them. Our offerings are structured to “play nice” with other technologies in place.  Of course, we are cooperative and compatible with complementary technologies, such as CRMs, portfolio management systems, Laserapp and the like. However, we are uniquely compatible with technologies that are in direct competition with C5 Fintech Solutions, such as other imaging and commission solutions. 


Our Overall View

Since 1984 our stated goal has been to offer technology based solutions to introducing Broker Dealers that are:

  • easy to install and maintain

  • easy to learn

  • easy to use

  • hard to break

  • easy to fix  

It's Up To You:  We can Help a Little - Or We can Help a Whole Lot

The ever increasing complexities of the hardware and operating systems in play, coupled with the demands for systems security, complicated by powerful players (Microsoft, Adobe, etc.) has served to make the “easy to install/maintain” an ever increasing challenge for many broker dealers. 

  • For the broker dealers with strong IT infrastructure and staffing, this is manageable and often few problems arise. If this describes you, know that we are here for you. 

  • For the broker dealer with little or no IT infrastructure, we assume the IT responsibilities and free the end users to focus on using the systems we offer without getting bogged down in the gritty details that must be addressed for successful adoption of our offerings. Know that C5 Fintech Solutions is about just that... providing solutions for your Fintech needs.

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