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User Group Postponed & Modified for 2020

The Corona Virus has infected our plans to host the 2020 WinOPS Users Group meeting in Denver May 4-5.


This past weekend it became evident that companies and people are being cautious about exposure to Corona Virus and simply cancelling meetings and avoiding any travel not deemed absolutely necessary.  


Yesterday (Monday) it only took a few calls to find out my concerns were well founded and that the May 4th meeting is just too soon to "wait and see" if the coast is clear.  In turn, the 2020 Users Group meeting is postponed indefinitely as we all wait and see just how significant this virus makes itself felt.  


Version 7.03:  As with all past Users Group meetings, the next version release was to be debuted at the May 4th meeting.  Traditionally we do not finalize the release until we get the Users Group feedback and "Wish List", then see how many requests we can accommodate and proceed with deploying in the new version.  We will be packaging these attributes and enhancements by topic and then determining the best way to communicate them to you.  This will probably be a combination of online meetings, video links and documents for enmasse distribution and personal phone calls for specific needs/requests that we are already aware of.


Wish List:  Please email any "wish list" items and, if you are not sure how to articulate your request, call us and verbalize your desired end result.  For instance, yesterday's call revealed the need to put a "Gender" field in the rep record...consider it done and part of Version 7.03.  Not all "wish list" requests are so clearcut and easy to accommodate, but you get the idea.  


Reg BI/CRS:  If you have attended the two previous Reg BI / CRS online meetings, you know that at the moment the stated system needs have been accommodated with the current version and the "assistance" issues are still focused on customer data cleanup.  Anything you can think of that we can consider adding to Version 7.3 for Reg BI/CRS compliance is greatly appreciated as a "wish list" contribution.


Thank you in advance for your patience and grace as we set about making up for this meeting cancellation through other means.


Best regards,


Rod Lueck


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