User Group Meeting 2020 announced!

Hopefully you will be able to attend the May 4-5 meeting in Lakewood Colorado and give yourself a jump start on taking advantage of everything Version 7.03 has to offer as well as a preview of what's to come.

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About User Group

One of the unique things about C5 Fintech Solutions is our annual User Group Conference. This is a gathering of our clients in Colorado. During this time we train on the new features that have been added to our Subscriptions. We also have a "wish list" session to allow our clients to make requests to be added or changed with our programmers live to not only hear the request for themselves and ask questions but also explain what's involved with the changes.

Our clients tell us that one of the most cherished things about the meeting, besides being in a beautiful setting, is the opportunity to collaborate with other users of the products. The world of Broker Dealer Commissions and Compliance can be overwhelming but is really helped by discussing best practices with other users of the same systems.