WinOPS Expiration Update Instructions

Be sure to update your database(s) prior to the actual expiration day (usually January 15 and July 15).
If your system allows FTP traffic.

1. From the Utilities menu choose Update, Update Options.


2. You’ll be asked if you want to update WinOPS, answer Yes.


3. You’ll be asked if you want to download a new options file, answer Yes.


4. You should then see the following message:

5. Click Ok to be logged out. Log back in and go to Utilities, Setup, System Defaults. You should see on
the Options tab that your system has been updated to the new expiration date, generally about 6
months in the future (January 15 and July 15 usually).

If after a minute or so you do not see the above message you will then need to update manually.


Our website at should contain the routine 6 month update options files, or you
can contact Techmate directly for a copy of the options set you need at

See Downloads Section Below


To update manually Unzip the OPTIONS.ZIP (OPTIONS-604.ZIP for 6.04 versions only, OPTIONS-702.ZIP
for versions 6.05 or higher) or whatever zip containing the options files you downloaded or were sent
and copy the OPTIONS.ADI, OPTIONS.ADT and if applicable OPTIONS.ADM from the zip into your
\WINOPS\DATABASE overwriting all existing files.

Follow steps 1 and 2 above. Answer No on step 3 above. Steps 4 and 5 are the same.

Note: Be sure to update all databases including any live accessible archives.

DOWNLOADS (if not signed into Google, you will need to use the download button when presented)

Download PDF of the Instructions Above



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