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Servant Resolve

C5 Fintech Solutions is a breath of fresh air in the Financial Services Industry simply because of the resolve of the staff to to serve their clients. There simply is no escaping the fact that the worlds of Investments, Insurance, and Banking are complex and ever changing. One of C5's core values is to work through complexity with clients while acting as a servant. We don't want you to be entangled in an endless web of call center transfers and the endless submission of help tickets that are answered only when we get to them. Here are our core values for how we work with you.

Answer the phone! While you may occasionally have to leave a voice mail at C5, it won't happen very often. In the rare instance that we have an avalanche of requests, that might happen, but probably not. We are committed to be available to help our clients and have built our network to do exactly that.

Answer the question! That's not to say we won't have to ask a lot of questions and may even have to do some research or perform a review of your data to help you...  but you aren't going to get an endless chain of transfers and escalations from one desk to another. 

Get the stuff that needs to be done, done!  Since 1984 our goal has been to offer Broker Dealers technology solutions that are these things:

  • Easy to Install and to Maintain

  • Easy Systems to Learn

  • Easy to actually Use

  • Difficult to Break

  • and, Easy to Fix

We aren't 100% there, but we are pretty close. When you choose to do business with C5 Fintech Solutions, you work with people who are full of heart and will do everything within their power to provide second to none solutions, at a reasonable cost to you.

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