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About Founder  &  President Rod Lueck

Mr. Rod Lueck started in the financial services industry in 1978 as a financial planner with E.F. Hutton’s “Hutton Financial Services” division. Two of his current clients were fellow planners at Hutton in 1979. From there he moved on to run an OSJ for Private Ledger and then was recruited to Integrated Resources Equity Corporation as a recruiter and sales trainer.

The original Operations Plus was programmed by people shuffled out of Integrated Resources when their Broker/Dealer was moved from Denver to New York in 1984/1985. Integrated Resource's demise became apparent in 1988 and Mr. Lueck stepped into Techmate as a financial backer and eventually as president of the company. Concurrent with his move to Techmate in 1988, Rod formed his own Broker/Dealer which he eventually sold to one of Techmate’s clients in 1995

C5 Fintech Solutions was founded by and is operated by its President, Rod Lueck.  Techmate has a strong partnership through it's working relationship with C5 Fintech Solutions. 

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