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C5 Fintech Solutions provides the critical elements of Commissions Management, Compliance Management, Imaging and E-signatures, Customer Data Aggregation for administrative purposes, Continuity Planning training and Consulting Solutions to assist the Broker Dealer and the BD's Representatives.  We are here to help our clients develop a “technology implementation timeline” that fits their budget, staff, field force, business mix and workload distribution through our mobile solutions. Learn about the robust powerhouses we have built to get this done when you explore our Subscriptions.

Our offerings are structured to “play nice” with other technologies in place.  Of course, we are cooperative and compatible with complementary technologies, such as CRMs, portfolio management systems, Laserapp and the like. However, we are uniquely compatible with technologies that are in direct competition with C5, such as other imaging and commission solutions. Our products stand on their own merit - no need to box clients in with limitations.